Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I saw someone yesterday whom had a boob job 3 years ago, and|I must say they looked rather odd. Hard as melons, with knobbly bits. I just don't get why some women want the hard boiled egg look. Surely if you are going to have a boob job, you would at least want a natural look. Every American show I watch has these big boobies attached to the front of the petite ladies heading the shows. Take the real housewives, my god how those boobies keep on growing. Whilst we are on the subject, how comes the oh so white big teeth. Where the heck do they get them from? Are they really born that way? Guess I might just be a little green with envy that us Brits are not born with such big white teeth.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bad boob jobs

Bad boob jobs gone wrong can be a terrible thing for a woman, so I would like to give a little information on the points you should consider before going ahead with you breast implants. More details for bad boob jobs can be found here. If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a good boob job you have escaped the turmoil of repeat corrective surgery and breast disfigurement. Lots of young girls are now having breast enlargement as part of a fashion craze, but I can't help thinking that the remorse they will feel in later life will far out weigh the benefits they will receive now. Here we would consider good Harley cosmetic surgery at Harley Street. Plastic surgery at Harley Street is a good starting point in considering a boob job.

Having had a friend of mine go through what can be considered a good boob job I still have my reservations, as I have myself considered having one as many others have. Most celebrity boob jobs are not that great and they have heaps of cash compared to us normal souls. It is very common to have what is known as 'breadloafing', which is a slight over dissection of tissue in the cleavage area. Apart from that the unnatural football shoved up the top look doesn't look attractive in my opinion. As a woman the best boob jobs are the ones that still have a natural sag and soft contours.

Things that can go wrong:
  • 25 to 45% of woman undergoing breast augmentation will need corrective surgery over a period of time.
  • You have to have them replaced in years to come so consider whether you would like to do this age 60 and if not what are they going to look like when they have been removed.
  • More complications were found by the FDA the longer the implants were left in.
  • Implants can become ruptured or leak without you realising it.
  • Infection can set in during any operation so is the risk of catching an infection and disfiguring the breast worth it?
Good boob jobs
  • Natural looking implants with soft contours and operated on by a good surgeon.
  • Good aftercare and health insurance back up in case of complications
  • When someones quality of life is affected by unnatural breast sizes and health issues occur from too large a breast. Breast reduction for health issues can be a good boob job.
  • Breast implants free: All the ten years younger shows and other TV shows that offer free surgery and health care has to be a good deal.
Please visit my my other article for more details on a good boob job and leave your comments below for others to gain some advice and help.